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PA History 2 Go

PA Historical & Museum Commission Launches PA History 2 Go: An Online Educational Resource Encouraging Virtual and In-Person Exploration of State-Owned Historic Sites and Museums


Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) is pleased to announce the launch of PA History 2 Go, an engaging and educational series of videos designed to attract virtual visitors to the Pennsylvania Trails of History and deepen their understanding of Pennsylvania's rich history. This initiative, made possible with $246,500 in federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), offers a series of online virtual tours of museums on the Pennsylvania Trails of History that are educational and entertaining on their own but can also pave the way for future in-person exploration of the 23 state-owned sites and museums located across the Commonwealth.

Although summer months often mark a break from formal education, PHMC recognizes the importance of providing students with enriching resources that keep their passion for learning alive year-round. PA History 2 Go serves as an easily accessible educational tool, allowing students to embark on a journey through Pennsylvania's history from the comfort of their homes.

Over the past few years, PHMC has curated this series that captures the essence of Pennsylvania's state-owned historic sites and museums. Each video explores a particular site or facet of Pennsylvania history, including architectural wonders, historical narratives, and artistic treasures that have shaped Pennsylvania's unique identity. This virtual exploration serves as a springboard for further learning and discovery. In addition to the videos already produced and hosted online at, the initiative has secured PHMC with the necessary equipment and software to produce new videos that can be shared continuously.

PA History 2 Go not only offers a personal learning experience but also serves as an inspiration to plan future in-person visits to Pennsylvania's Trails of History sites. Although virtual exploration provides a valuable introduction, nothing compares to the awe and wonder of experiencing these cultural landmarks firsthand and fostering a deeper connection to Pennsylvania's rich heritage.

"We are excited to introduce PA History 2 Go as an exceptional educational resource for students," said Andrea Lowery, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. "By providing an engaging online experience, we aim to inspire residents to delve into the fascinating stories of our state's past. We also hope that PA History 2 Go sparks their curiosity and encourages them to plan future visits to our Trails of History sites, where they and their families can further explore and connect with Pennsylvania's vibrant history."

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