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Mercedes Avery

Mercedes Avery

Campaign and Membership Communication Administrator

Mercedes Avery joined the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation as the Campaign and Membership Communication Administrator in (late) April 2019. She comes from another statewide non-profit organization where she was the point person for the membership database and website. Behind her are years of finance and accounting experience for top regional firms, working for a tech start-up firm and a Fortune 500.

A Pennsylvania native, Mercedes went to 15 different schools by the time she was 15. She stopped changing schools--and settled in the Harrisburg Area--when she met the family that would go on to adopt her (and her two brothers) two years later. She and her new family (who already had three children of their own before they adopted) went on to be called the family of the year by former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell. They were not only invited to lunch with him and the lieutenant governor, but Governor Ed Rendell gave them the honor of lighting the Capitol Christmas tree.

Mercedes is the mom of a vibrant, golden-hearted little girl and a very sassy Pomeranian. Both are way too much like herself which is a good thing… and a bad thing. In the rare opportunity she has spare time, she loves reading genre fiction (she cut her teeth on historical fiction growing up) but she also enjoys poetry, and non-fiction that has a strong psychology and/or philosophy slant.

For  membership questions, email her at: c-mavery@pa.gov

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