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Astrè Martin

Astrè Martin

Programs Coordinator

A Christian Pennsylvania native who has lived in the east, west, and central regions throughout her life. She has backgrounds in music, dance, modeling, charity, promotional work and activities in her younger years, followed by education in psychology with the goal of obtaining a Master's degree as well as a wide range of proficient work experience from various fields and cultures including private sector, government, and non-profit; in banking, real estate, insurance, logistics, sales, maintenance, beauty, hospitality, transportation, and small business entrepreneurship. The roles range from entry level to management, as well as owner/operator. With her creativity, drive for personal and business success, determination for strong leadership and interpersonal skills for her soon to be 4 children, commitment to goals, and love for people and Pennsylvania, she is pleased to be working with the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation. She views this non-profit as a jewel to our government and the participation in building this organization to its potential while increasing her skills and knowledge is an exciting commitment

400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: (717) 783-9923

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