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Special Events

March 1-31, 2021

Washington Crossing

March’s Virtual Trail Challenge: The Great Animal Mystery

Another mystery Pennsylvania animal is making tracks at Washington Crossing Historic Park. Your family’s mission, should you chose to accept it, is to identify it!

On this month’s adventure, you’ll find a series of five different clues at the park. Each clue contains a keyword that will help you figure out the mystery animal. To get started, visit Washington Crossing's websiteIt contains a park map, more instructions, and a place to list the keywords you find.


Self-Guided High Adventure: Healthy Hike Challenge

See if you have what it takes to have your name added to our Iron Hikers list for 2021!

Each month, Washington Crossing Historic Park will release a new self-guided Healthy Hike Challenge designed for individuals or families who consider themselves advanced hikers. Each challenge will include a map with further instructions for your quest.

On the hike, you’ll be challenged on your observational skills, knowledge of nature and the outdoors, and total hiking time. Information submitted is on the honor system, so please be respectful and honorable!

Click Here to be directed to the details on Washington Crossing's Website.

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