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July 26, 2024

July 26, 2024

The State Museum of PA

Learn at Lunch Series

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12:15 pm

About Virtual Learn at Lunchtime:
Learn at Lunchtime is a program featuring a variety of exciting lectures and presentations.
Presentations will start at 12:15 PM and will last approximately 20 minutes followed by a question and answer period.

The State Museum’s Learn at Lunchtime programs are free. Pre-register Here

Pennsylvania’s caves preserve a record of the past. Fossils, from giant wooly mammoths to tiny grains of pollen, reveal information about the past climate, ecosystems, and wildlife that roamed this state. Even stalactites and stalagmites keep their own record of the activities on the land surface preserved in microscopic detail.

Discover what the caves reveal about the past during a virtual Learn at Lunchtime program on Friday, July 26 at 12:15 PM with Rose-Anna Behr, the Karst and Sinkhole Specialist for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resource's Pennsylvania Geological Survey.

This free virtual program is presented via Zoom. Registration is required.

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