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The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Curiosity Kids


Curiosity Kids, Kindergarten through Grade 2, will discover the world through history, science, and art exploring with hands-on experiments, crafts, and activities. Sign up at the Ground Floor Information Desk when you enter the Museum. Programs are included with general admission, but space is limited to 18 curious kids per program. 


December 9
Curiosity Kids: Firetrucks

Join Curiosity Kids as we discover how Pennsylvania’s role in firefighting has changed since the time of Benjamin Franklin. Design your own fire logo. Be Curious!


December 16
Curiosity Kids: Dinosaurs

Join Curiosity Kids to discover dinosaurs. Learn about these unique and fascinating pre-historic reptiles discovering what a dinosaur is, when they lived, and some of the unusual adaptation that enabled them to rule their habitats.


December 23
Curiosity Kids: Holiday Traditions

Join Curiosity Kids as we discover the holiday traditions, decorations and toys of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Create your own glittery ornament. Be Curious!

December 30:
See Museum Schedule for Special Event


January 6, 2022
Curiosity Kids not scheduled


January 13, 2022
Curiosity Kids: Living and Non-Living Things

Everything in the world can be put into one of two categories: living or non-living.
Learn the difference between something that is living and something that is non-living.

January 20, 2022
Family Gallery Tour: Paleontology

This family friendly tour looks at life through time in Pennsylvania. Join Museum Educators to get hands-on with fossils of the plants and animals that roamed Earth during the Carboniferous Period to the present including dinosaurs and mastodons.


January 27, 2022
Curiosity Kids: Planes

Join Curiosity Kids to discover planes. Learn about the development of flight in Pennsylvania, featuring Pennsylvania’s State Aircraft the Piper Cub. 




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