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Pennsbury Manor

Sunday Events

Sunday, May 1: Historic Trades - Joyners & Blacksmiths

Our historic trades demonstrators will be eager to talk as they showcase their skills! 
Time: 1-4pm

Sunday, May 8: Living History Theatre

Woman’s Monthly Meeting: Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Quakers met on Sundays for Worship. To help run the community, separate meetings were held by both men and women to address routine business and raise concerns. This program is inspired by events described in the minutes of the Falls Woman’s Monthly Meeting. Come and join leading Quakers like Sarah Sirkit, Jane Biles, and others as they work to solve pressing issues within the community!

Times: 12:15pm, 1:45pm, 3:15pm


Sunday, May 15: Open Hearth Cooking Demonstration

Chat with our cooks as they prepare recipes from William Penn’s time. White Meats (Cheese and Butter) – The grass is green and the cows are being milked.  The cooks will demonstrate 17th century receipts (recipes) using dairy products.

Time: 1-4pm


Sunday, May 22: Beer Brewing and Garden Highlights 

Brewing and gardening were critical to the lives of those living at Pennsbury Manor.  Explore the recipes and plants that fed the early residents of Pennsylvania. 

Time: 1-4pm


Sunday, May 29: Animals at Pennsbury

Our animal interpreters will be on hand to share stories and fun facts about the lives of animals at Pennsbury, past and present.

Time: 1-4pm

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