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October 12, 2022

October 12, 2022

Graeme Park

Lunch & Learn: Typhoid Mary, Irish Immigrant

Wednesday, October 12

Poor Mary Mallon, as misunderstood today as she was a hundred years ago. Notoriously known as “Typhoid Mary,” she was a seemingly healthy, determined woman who immigrated from Ireland at a time when just being Irish was enough to arouse suspicion and social rejection. Being female and being poor added to her problems. Through no fault of her own, her case was the stimulus for quite a few social policies that are still in effect today.

Our Speaker is Jim Miller, a retired professor of biology at Delaware Valley University with a special interest in microbiology and its history.

Enjoy a continental breakfast, lecture on Typhoid Mary, and a lunch buffet. Tours of the historic Keith House will also be available after lunch.

Tickets are $35/person or $30/members of the Friends of Graeme Park.

Click here for ticket information.


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