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October 12 & 16, 2022

October 12 & 16, 2022

PA Military Museum

Sensory Hours

Wednesday, October 12
Time slots for arrival are on the hour, 10AM to 3pm

Sunday, October 16
Time slots for arrival are on the hour, 10AM to Noon

The Pennsylvania Military Museum invites individuals, families, and community members with special sensory needs or medical concerns, to visit the Museum during unique hours of operation that will have reduced attendance and effects, providing a more comfortable experience.  

Visitors will find background effects in the gallery turned off to avoid feelings of shock or surprise, and the orientation film’s sound reduced (captioning still utilized). 

Through advanced registration, visitors will ensure site staff are prepared for arrivals, and the site is ready to welcome guests at the Front Desk for check-in. 

Click here to book your timeslot 

Time slots for arrival are on the hour. Each time slot allows for one registrant and permits up to 10 guests to accompany the registrant. Standard admission rates apply to all guests, payment accepted during check-in at the museum's front desk.

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