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May 28, 2022

May 28, 2022

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

Film Screening of Nessmuk: In Defense of Nature in the Pennsylvania Wilds

Saturday, May 28

Celebrate the 200th birthday of George “Nessmuk” Sears with a screening of the documentary Nessmuk:  In Defense of Nature in the Pennsylvania Wilds.  Written, directed, and produced by Gale Largey, the film explores the life and ideas of this noted outdoorsman, author, and early conservationist. 

Through his extensive writings in Forest & Stream, Nessmuk became a critic of uncontrolled deforestation and the impact dams, railroads, and industry had on the natural environment.  He urged greater opportunities for everyone, not just the rich, to enjoy the beauty of Nature.  He also strongly advocated for fish and game laws to protect wildlife.  Gale Largey will introduce this 86-minute film and answer questions at its conclusion. 

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