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March 22-24, 2024

March 22-24, 2024

Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum

The Institute at Landis Valley

March 22-24, 2024

After a five-year hiatus The Institute at Landis Valley, a series of in-depth traditional craft classes, lectures, and field trips returns with a new logo and format.  The original weeklong Summer Institute ran from 1956 to 2018 and focused on sharing the traditions and heritage of Pennsylvania’s early German settlers. Winter institute was added later due to popular demand.  Changes in staffing followed by the pandemic were the reasons for the hiatus.  The Institute was an integral part of the Museum’s mission is to preserve and share the history and material culture of the Pennsylvania Germans. Understanding the importance, the Museum staff worked hard to bring this beloved program back to life.

Featuring a three-day format, The Institute at Landis Valley Museum winter course term, March 22-24, 2024, will offer seven classes and a behind-the-scenes Landis Valley tour.  Choose from classes that vary in length from one to three days.  Learn to Graft a Fruit Tree, make Redware Ornaments with sgraffito or slip decorations, and to cook over an open hearth in a one-day class.  Weave a Wool Drying Basket or learn about the technique and history of Tape Weaving in a two-day class.  Explore how Fleece becomes Fabric in an in-depth three-day workshop. All courses are taught by Experts in their field. Each day will start time to talk with other participants while enjoying coffee and donuts.   Planning for the Summer Institute, July 5-7, 2024, is underway and will feature a Flax to Fabric workshop, a class in Threshing, along with several craft classes including Tatting.

Proceeds benefit the Museum.  Discount for Landis Valley Associates Members. 
Please see our website for more information about classes, Registration and how you can become an LVA member.

Class Schedule

From Fleece to Fabric                                                                            
Friday March 22, Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 2024

Tape Weaving: History and A Hands on Weaving Experience             
Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 2024

Wool Drying Basket                                                                               
Friday March 22 and Saturday March 23, 2024

Redware Sgraffito Ornaments                                                               
Sunday March 24, 2024

Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 2024

Tree Grafting                                                                                         
Saturday March 23, 2024 

The Unseen Landis Valley Tour                                                              
Saturday March 23, 2024

Hearth Cooking                                                                                      
Saturday March 23, 2024

Introduction to Theorem Painting with History of Art                              
Saturday March 23, 2024


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