2021 Winter Appeal

“Your gift will support the Foundation in bridging an understanding of our past with the critical challenges and opportunities of our time. We know better who we are if we know better from where we have come.”

We have raised $9,221.00 of our $15,000.00  goal.

Our shared history shapes our present day culture and traditions. The beautiful historical sites and museums on the Pennsylvania Trails of History are one of many connections that bridge our heritage to our present-day customs. Your generous gift is crucial to support the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation and its on-going partnership with the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission.

The Foundation invites you to visit our state’s many historic sites and museums and rediscover the Commonwealth’s unique customs and timeless traditions. It is at these examples of living history that  you can explore the buildings and numerous artifacts, listen to the inspiring stories, and glimpse into the daily lives of those who influenced and formed the culture of our Commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation continually strives to provide convenient access to Pennsylvania’s rich history across all generations. Whether in person, through video, webinar or publication, using all approaches to their best advantage, it is imperative to offer multiple resources to illustrate history’s relevance to your life and our children. The parameter of the state’s budget does not support many of our programs thus requiring the Foundation to rely on independent funding.

Understanding our common heritage is important! During this holiday season, in the spirit of tradition, we are asking you for a gift to support the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation to help us explain our yesterdays to this generation and those who will follow.

Happy Holidays!

Glenn N. Holliman
President, Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation



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Graeme Park one of the historic sites on the Pennsylvania Trails of History

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